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International forum of savoir-faire and ancestral crafts of Tlemcen:

Exhibition by Mr. Mohammed Talhaoui, creator of the Library of Ornamental Language.




It was thanks to an exhibition entitled “Ornamental Art, Research and Application” organised in the frame of the International Forum on the ancestral "savoir- faire" of Tlemcen and its region that took place from the last 2nd to the 4th July, that Mr Mohammed Talhaoui, craftsman in ornamental research and application, presented the project to build a comprehensive library of all the architectural motifs contained in the national heritage.
“The Islamic patrimony remains one of the wonders of the universal heritage” said the artist in his preamble. And he added: “Indeed, it was given to us the occasion to see, through the work we are doing for several years, how the human genius marqued this period of history”. “As we contemplated the works of Islamic art, the necessity to understand this ornamental language become an imperative. In front of the fascination we felt for the accuracy of the rules of this language, the idea of teaching the fundamentals of this ornamental art germinated” he reported.
It should be known that Mr.Talhaoui Mohammed has currently in his actives a ten of this kind of specifications, real "identity card" of these artistic motifs. Whence the necessity for him to develop a space that could bring all these laws and their applications through what he calls ”Library of Ornamental Language” that permits, then, to offer easier reading of the language in the expression of concepts of beauty and aesthetics. For the designer, the goals or ambitions of these cultural projects are rather to identify and classify the ornamental language, the preservation of language as input and contribution to the universal intangible heritage, the creation of a database from the relieves, as comprehensive as possible, offer the possibility of assistance in all the work of creation or restoration and the subsequent publication of these surveys, rich of graphical details, by the means of the optimal use of technological advances.
It must be reported that Mr Mohammed Talhaoui directs the Khatt Workshop in “Derb Hlaoua” Bab El Djiad. It should be known, in this regard, that it is due to this fan of heritage that Tachfinya is come out of anonymity because it was he who had the idea to bring back in 2006 “the door of the past to reconstruct it faithfully in its place, that is to say, in front of the Great Mosque Of Tlemcen, in the place of the Emir AbdelKader”, to make a memory door 5.28m wide and 10.08m height (a replica adorns the entrance of the tourism office in Tlemcen).

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Article on "Ornamental Language Library" published in the review "El legado andalusi "
Nº 42 - El legado andalusí, a mediterranean society. 



 Appreciation and Gratitude to:

Mr. Jorge Bolaños Professor at the University of Granada, for his contribution in article

Ana Carreño Editor of the review Legado d'Andalousie






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