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L'Art de la Géométrie Andalouse
Of Geometry to Andalusia
EPAU   Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urbanism. Algiery. Studies Day November 14th, 2012 "The restoration projects in Tlemcen, speech and actions" oral communication, entitled: "INFINITE METAPHOR OF GEOMETRY"  Mohammed Talhaoui.   Appreciation and Gratitude to :  Laboratory: City-Architecture and Heritage Professor Salah Zerouala, Director of PSAU and LVAP Dr.Tsouria Kassab.     
Heart Geometry
            "Sacred geometry is the key that opens the heart, this mystical oasis that gives access to life"  Mohammed Talhaoui   Appreciation and Gratitude to :   The Invisible Centre Cristina Colombo Karlos Herero    From March 9th  to11th  2012   "Invisible" Centre- via Gentilino, 6 - Milan - (Italy).    Exhibition : "The Origin" by Mohammed Talhaoui  Introductive Conference Workshop on the language
Exhibition of the model of the Madrassa Tachfinya (Madrasa el djadida)
   Appreciation and Gratitude to: Dr. Abdelhak Moussaoui for his contribution to Atelier Khatt           Monday, December 19th2011, It will be held in Tlemcen (Algeria) an exhibition that shows the attempts of restitution of the physical and virtual model of the MadrassaTachfinya.   A premiere for the memory of
The bright language of geometry:
  Exhibition, Conference and Workshop During December 2nd, 3rd , and 4th 2011, it will be held in Catania, Italy  the event where it will be developed the subject :   "The bright Language of Geometry  speakers   Mohammed Talhaoui Francesco Barone   Poster creation by the artist:  Cristina Gregolin www.nur-art.net     Acknowledgements and gratitude to all those who contribute to this event     Antonella
The library of ornamental language
      In the frame of Tlemcen, Islamic Capital Exhibition in Tlemcen by Mohammed Talhaoui, creator of : "The library of ornamental language"   July 2011                             
Exhibition calligraphy texts from the text of Mohammed Dib
      In the frame of "Tlemcen Islamic Capital" Exhibition proposed by Atelier Khatt line & quest   Exhibition of calligraphy texts from the text of Mohammed Dib "L’aube Ismael" Conducted by Mr.Mohammed Talhaoui May 2011          Appreciation and gratitude to: Team NEW NEGOSE Sofiane Benabdellah For their contributions to the ATELIER KHATT  
2nd International Meeting of applied sacred geometry
    2nd INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF APPLIED SACRED GEOMETRY     From June 19th to 27th 2010, we will celebrate in the city of Puno (Peru) the Second International Meeting of Sacred Geometry. Will participate to the event as speakers: -Oscar Senmache -Matías De Stefano -Ivette CarrionmethodASIRI -Noemi Paymal Pedagogy300 -MohammedTalhaoui Ateliet khatt line & search will also participate to this
The art of geometry in the light of Sufism
    The art of geometry in the light of Sufism    2 SEMINARS: 7, 8, 9 ,14, 15, 16 August, Elche (Alicante) Informations and  Reservations : Elif Sema tlf : 664 125 930 E-mail : centrosmanli@yahoo.es   Acknowledgments and Gratitude to: Centro osmanli Elif  Sema Sidi Fatih     
International Conference on Science and Technology in Archeology and Conservation (july 2007)
    International Conference on Science and Technology in Archaeology and Conservation (July 2007) The language of geometric ornament Gratitude and Acknowledgments to: Jerónimo Páez former director of Legado Juan Manuel Cid            Gratitude and appreciation to Muhammad Ibrahim Pérez Tello for all the work that he made for the Atelier Khatt                
Visite to Andalousie
    I wish to pay tribute to all those who have provided to welcome and to give hospitality during my visit to the Alhambra in particular the Patronage of the Alhambra and the technical team   An historic visit to Granada A visit to the past       Alhambra                     Alhambra Court of the
Ornamental language of geometric
         Communication on geometric ornamenta llanguage in the Great Mosque of Granada   Conference: THE LANGUAGE IN ORNAMENTAL interlaced GEOMETRIC May 2007-Granada /ESPAÑA     .I want to paytribute to allthose who have provided assistance or home during my tripn in Andalusia        I wish to paytribute to : Sidi Haj Karim Viudes for