Through the line, expression transcribes the memories of the lived garden, where each branch represents a knowledge, each flower a thought, each interlacement a reunion. When a line is drawn, a sense is already found.

1- Presentation



                           ATELIER  KHATT  is a space of creation and conception of Ornemental Art.

Along our path we established what we call a Decorative Language Library. Its aim is to be a virtual data bank that gathers, in the form of vectorial files , the various ornamental patterns appeared through the ages and places.
These patterns can be declined in the form of Artistic creations on various supports and materials such as wood, plaster, marble, glass, metals, fabrics…, in order to carry out products in fields as varied as architecture, interior decoration, furnishing, clothing, artisanat products, etc. Some examples are visible in our menu Creations.
ATELIER KHATT also proposes to be a space for communication and meeting through the means of various activities, seminars, initiations and communications to the decorative language.
This research continues through the teaching of wisdoms bequeathed by Universals Masters.






A star appeared on the road

a star of the union

with a radiating center

and a smiling interlacing.

In the reason there is a heart

and in the heart there is a reason

Mohammed Talhaoui


Line and Search
What is apparent necessarily reflects what is hidden .Therefore, the exterior becomes the habit of the interior. When a form manifests itself, it suggests a sense and is called expression. It’s the wave that rises from the ocean to interpret its inner activity.
It’s through the wave that the ocean expresses itself at every moment. The expression is this perpetual research in this ocean that doesn’t know limits.
Therefore, the line is taken as a witness of this research. In its purity it shapes a poem that describes the word of the moment. Through the line the expression transcribes the memory of the lived garden where each branch represents a knowledge, where each flower is a thought and where each plot is an encounter.
When a line is drawn a sense is already found. The line is the witness and the interpreter of this veiled activity. So it becomes a word, a language and the trace of a look on themselves. It is this manifestation that describes a route to tell a fraction of the time and make the part a window on the whole.
The line is the word of a movement.
M. Talhaoui .